Why You Must Be SUPER Selective When Seeking Help To Improve Your Shift Work Health.

Frequent visits to the local doctor are certainly common amongst shift workers around the world. Considering sleep-deprivation significantly reduces your ability to fight off infections, it’s no wonder that so many shift workers are seeking ways to help improve their health.

But would you take financial advice from somebody who is broke?

Sound like a silly question? Well think about this.

If your doctor doesn’t look healthy – then run! Because so often we take health advice from people who really aren’t qualified to do so.

Unfortunately there are many medical practitioners out there that aren’t healthy themselves and a lot of it has to do with the fact that they haven’t really studied nutrition.

Because when you feed your body first-class nutrition, it has an amazing ability to heal itself.

So don’t always rely on a complete stranger when it comes to seeking ways to improve your shift work health. Become an avid reader of health and nutrition. Keep up-to-date with the latest information. Educate yourself.

Unfortunately the people we go to for health advice are often the wrong people to go to.

And here’s another important point. Where else do we get our information on health? From the TV, magazines, from companies selling you a product?

If a company is going to tell you that their product is good for you, then you have to ask yourself – is this a public service announcement or is this just another company trying to sell me their product?

Because any time a company is selling you a product, and telling you how great it is – you have to put those critical thinking glasses on.

So when it comes to finding ways to improve your shift work health, don’t take advice from people who aren’t healthy. And certainly don’t take advice from anybody who is trying to sell you a product without asking them a lot of questions first!


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