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Which shift work industry do you work in?

Emergency services

Being ready to respond at any hour to high-stress situations can mean your sleep schedule and mental health has taken a back seat.

Health Care

Providing care around the clock is physically and mentally demanding and you don’t always get a break to look after your own needs.


Unpredictable schedules, time-zones and long shifts can have your eating and sleeping routine inconsistent, leaving you feeling exhausted and less alert.

Mining and power

Working on remote sites and being away from home can pose a big challenge to your nutritional plans and might have left you feeling unorganised and unhealthy.


You may be so busy serving everyone else food and drinks outside the 9-5 that your own nutrition and self-care feels almost nonexistant.


The entertainment life is an unpredictable rollercoaster experience, but a lack of structure and healthy eating is only exacerbating the chaos.


No one knows more about a messed up sleep schedule than you do! Jet lag on top of shift work can have you struggling to put one foot in-front of the other.

Call Centre Operators

You often can’t step away for a break, as emergency callers rely on you to be available, alert and quick thinking, but caffeine can only help so much.


You play a critical role in safety, protecting both people and assets, but you can only perform your best if your sleep and nutrition are well managed.

I promise you are not alone.

Find community and support in a club of shift workers just like you.

Why join The Healthy Shift Worker Club?

The club is a community-inspired supportive space specifically for shift workers who face unique challenges in their professional and personal lives. Whether you are new to shift work or have been doing it for years, this community is designed to offer a wealth of resources to help you to succeed. There is power in solidarity and connection, so by bringing shift workers together, we create a supportive network where members can share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

Quite simply, we do not want you to feel alone!

Within the community, you will find a variety of training programs tailored to the specific needs of shift workers. These programs cover topics such as optimizing sleep schedules, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, managing fatigue, and boosting productivity during unconventional working hours. The ultimate goal is to equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to be the healthiest versions of themselves whilst working 24/7.

I can’t wait to help you uncover the path to optimal health and well-being!

Audra x

What’s included in the Club Membership?

The aim of this membership is to focus on ways that will help to make a huge difference in your life – both at work and in your personal life. My training follows a Holistic Lifestyle Medicine Approach, you can learn more here. When you join The Healthy Shift Worker Club, you’ll get access to our:

Masterclasses and workshops

Participate in online trainings led by Audra (and other guest experts) who share strategies for thriving in various shift work conditions, including how to manage sleep, nutrition, and energy levels. By mastering these techniques, members can maintain better health and work-life balance even when working inconsistent schedules.

Recipes & tips


Member Q&As

Submit your questions and have them answered by Audra.  Not only is this a great way to get your own questions answered, but also provides the opportunity to gain insights and learn from the questions submitted by other members too. 

Perks and discounts

Exclusive member-only discounts off courses, products and in-person Live Events as they are released.

Ready to join a club made just for you?


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