Striving For Optimum Shift Work Health. Why Would You NOT Pursue It?

You know it never ceases to amaze me how many shift workers don’t take the time to look after their health. I mean why would you not strive to achieve optimum shift work health?

The alternatives are certainly not good.

Constant sickness, exhaustion, a lack of fitness, stress, unhealthy relationships, premature aging – the list goes on.

So if there is any ONE THING that I believe you must spend most of your time focussing on when you work irregular hours – is striving for optimum health.

Because there are many things about our job that places us in a dangerous category of developing illnesses later on. So why not spend your time learning how to prevent it?

You see, you can never overestimate how good you feel when you eat well and exercise regularly as opposed to eating junk food and leading a sedentary lifestyle. There really is no comparison.

So start taking 100% responsibility for your life – no one else can make you eat healthy food or drag you out the door to do some exercise (unless of course you have a Personal Trainer which can definitely be a good thing if you lack motivation!)

If you work crazy and irregular hours then make striving for optimum shift work health your PRIORITY.

When you do, everything else in your life will improve as well. In fact you will even become better at your job because when you feel healthy, you are much happier and more productive at work.

So stop thinking about it. Make the decision to improve your health and your life will begin to change for the better in so many ways.


  1. Ingrid

    Puppy dog eyes are also great motivation for getting out into the fresh air and sunshine…even after night shift!

  2. Audra

    Yes Ingrid, our furry friends can be great motivational tools when it comes to doing exercise! And it’s just as important for them as well.


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