Ships Passing In The Night

As I type this my husband is tucked into bed for his early shift, and I’ve just returned home from my late shift.

Having 2 shift workers in a house no doubt confuses our cat Misty. When she sees two of us home together she’s probably wondering – should’nt somebody be at work or at least out shopping for some more cat food?

No doubt our saviour is the trusty white board on the fridge. Many a note is written on this whiteboard … dinner in fridge, just reheat in the microwave … your sister called … can you please hang out the washing in the morning? You get my drift.

The good news for us though, is that we have the weekend off to look forward too – incredibly (and I really do mean incredibly) – we have the entire weekend coming up, off together. Someone in the ‘roster universe’ is looking out for us!

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