Low On Energy? Perhaps You Need A Healthy Shot Of Something …

It’s been a crazy kind of day at work today with lots of oversold flights so it was good to walk out the door and into the fresh air and sunshine.

After a long (and wee bit stressful) 10 hour shift, by the time I got home my body was craving a supercharged juice to help boost my fledgling energy levels.

So I decided to whip up this nourishing, plant-based juice containing Carrot, Pear, Cucumber, Coconut Water, Mint plus a shot of Wheat Grass which was jammed packed with energy-boosting sustenance.

Wheat Grass contains iron, protein and numerous antioxidants including a generous supply of betacarotene (enhances immunity) and chlorophyll which is a highly alkalising food that can help counter the over-acidity of many processed foods.

In fact the benefits of wheat grass are endless

◾Strengthens the body by boosting the immune system
◾Increases energy
◾Assists with nutritional deficiencies
◾Cleanses and detoxifies, especially the liver and blood
◾Heals wounds, sores, infections
◾Is one of the best dietary sources of minerals
◾High in protein: contains all 8 essential amino acids
◾Removes waste that clogs your cells, blood, tissues and organs
◾Reduces cravings

So if you’re low on energy, then you might need a shot of something – or more specifically, a shot of wheat grass which is great in juices and smoothies and so easy to make. Perfect for when you’re too tired to cook after an early shift, night shift or extended shift like mine was today!


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