How A Night In Front of The TV Left Me Speechless, Thanks To MasterChef Jamie Oliver!

The other night I happened to be watching a TV program called ‘Jamie’s Food Revolution’ by world renowned UK Master Chef Jamie Oliver.

His mission is to save America’s health by changing the way that they eat, which as you could imagine – is no ordinary feat.

But as I sat there and watched the program, I witnessed something that left me speechless.

Jamie entered a classroom and asked the kids to name the vegetables that he was holding up in his hand. A fairly simple task you would think, but to my utter disbelief the kids had absolutely no idea what a tomato or even a potato looked like.

They had no idea that their French Fries originated from the humble potato.

How could this happen?

And the answer is because most of these kids had never seen, let alone eaten, any of these vegetables before (that is, unless they had been processed into something unrecognizable like Ketchup and French Fries!)


So if you are a parent (shift work or no shift work) and you care about your kids and their future, then you need to watch the 2 minute video below.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is all about educating yourself about food and cooking. And by switching from processed to fresh food, not only will you feel much healthier, but it will add years to your life as well.

As shift workers it’s incredibly easy not to look after ourselves. But if you are a parent it is your duty to look after your health, and that of your children.

So do yourself a favour, watch the 2 minute video below and you will begin to understand why it is SO important to eliminate processed foods from your diet and to eat more raw food – that is food that has not been processed to death.

Kudos to Jamie Oliver for trying to make a difference …


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