How Stress Can Make You Fat!

If you’re someone that constantly struggles to lose weight then I might just have the answer for you – and you can breathe a sigh of relief because it’s not another diet.

Just mentioning the word diet” can send most people into a tail spin … the thought of having to deprive yourself of certain foods is only going to set yourself up for failure before you even begin.

So forget about the diet and instead, I want you to stop stressing!

Confused? What has stress got to do with weight loss?

Well I’m going to get a bit technical here but I want you to stick with me because it could very well change your life.

You see according to Yuri Elkaim from Eating for Energy, when we feel stressed our bodies produce acid – and a lot of it. If our body has too much acid it then stores this acid in our fat cells to keep it a safe distance away from our organs. Now this is a good thing because if acid comes into contact with one of your organs, it can eat holes in the tissue – yikes!! That is not good.

It’s not until you start reducing the acidity in your blood will your body then begin to realize that it no longer needs as much fat to store it.

Consider the example of a woman who is obsessed with losing weight. It’s all she thinks about. Do you think that might create some unneeded stress?

Unfortunately the media has certainly skewed the way many people see themselves. Fashion magazines portray the “perfect’ body as a stick figure so more and more people stress, (both men and women) about how their body should look.

This type of worry or obsession creates larger amounts of acidity within the body which essentially hinders your chances of losing weight.

Now this is critical to understand if you hope to lose weight. You can exercise all you like and will your way to a leaner body, but if you do nothing to reduce the acid in your body (aka stress), your attempts to lose weight will be in vain!

So forget about going on another diet and trying to achieve the “perfect figure”. Be proud of your body, stop stressing about it – and then, and only then will your waist line begin to plummet.


  1. Erin

    I totally agree that our negative perceptions of ourselves can really impact our bodies more than we may realize.

    I need to be kinder to myself & my body.

    Great post!

  2. Miss Caitlin S.

    I love this fact – also, when you work out, you feel less stressed thus you lose weight that way as well. Great tip again.

  3. Dragonfly

    Come and de-stress at my Vietnamese tea party (all welcome)!! We are having green tea, moon cakes, rambutan cake and more (all healthy) 😉
    Bring Misty too – Patsy would love some furry company!

  4. Alix

    Hi Audra!

    Greetings from Casa Hice! Thank you so much for swinging by, leaving a comment and subscribing as a Follower. What an honor! I really appreciate it more than you know and have come to return the favor! Looking forward to getting better acquainted and diving into your lovely blog!

    Hope to see you back at Casa Hice real soon. I'll leave the light on for you!


  5. Alix

    Regarding your post…. Cortisol is the menacing "stress hormone" in our bodies that contributes to weight gain. It has been clinically proven that by reducing stress, the Cortisol levels in our blood also reduce. Too little Cortisol can result in endocrine problems too, so a balance for good health and proper immunity is vital. That's easier said than done, unfortunately. We live in a stressful world and keep chaotic schedules. Couple that with the demands put on us by our work and families and it's no wonder many of us are ticking time bombs.

    BUT – I think diet and exercise is critical to managing stress, so don't load up on cheesecake just yet. Although denial is never the best way to go, balance is what you should be striving for. Balance and moderation is how we retrain ourselves into healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

    For a little more information on Cortisol, follow this URL to a short but interesting article:

  6. Kattrina

    Hi Audra,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a marvelous Monday.

  7. Sam

    Great post. I was just saying to my Niece over the holiday. "be gentle with yourself".. she's always so manic! I'm sending her this. Thanks a million, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Keri

  8. Life Laugh Latte

    Love this. So true too. Also, I just think when women are stressed they tend to eat something bad because they "deserve" the treat. Changing those patterns to healthy things that we deserve…like a long walk, or time to read, or perhaps blogging!:) Holly


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