Frustrated Shift Workers – Two Simple Things That Will Help You To Beat The 'Shift Work Blues!'

If you’re a frustrated and dissatisfied shift worker searching for a way to ‘Beat the Shift Work Blues’ then you’ve come to the right place. As shift workers we certainly work crazy and irregular hours which can make it very difficult to achieve a happy ‘work/life balance’.

But don’t worry – there is a solution!

I am going to share with you exactly how to ‘Beat the Shift Work Blues’ and become much happier at work.

Firstly I will tell you, that I am a shift work veteran of the airline industry where I worked for 15 years as a very frustrated shift worker. So I know EXACTLY what it’s like to get up in the dark, to constantly feel tired, and to miss out on family time because I’m either in bed or working on the weekends.

So what did I do to help me to ‘Beat the Shift Work Blues?’

Well I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life and to do 2 things:

1. I changed my mindset which allowed me to accept what I can’t change, and to change what I can.

2. I made a conscious decision to ‘not mind shift work’.

You see, shift work can be incredibily tiring and frustrating. To be honest if you’re a shift worker, then you’re a lot tougher and stronger than most of the general population because shift work isn’t easy, and not everybody is cut out for it.

There are certainly so many things that can add to your fatigue and frustrations. But the day that I decided to “… accept what I can’t change, and to change what I can” – literally changed my life.

Now if you come to work everyday and you say to yourself “… I hate my job, I hate working shift work, woe is me …” then that’s exactly what is going to happen. In simple terms, your thoughts will attract those things.

However if you start to take charge of your shift working life (and not the other way around) and begin by changing the way that you think, this mental shift can be very, very powerful.

You see the key difference is the thoughts that we think. You can choose what you think about and what you focus on, and you can also choose who you listen too. Keep away from negative people and certainly don’t be one yourself!

So come into work with a smile on your face, be friendly and don’t take life so seriously. Learn to laugh again because laughter is contagious. When we smile, people smile back.

Isn’t this the sort of work place that you’d like to be part of?

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  1. Ingrid

    The mind is a very powerful tool…and a smile, indeed, contagious! Take one shift at a time!


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