Do You Ever Feel Like A Wilted Flower?

Do you ever have days when you look and feel a bit like a wilted flower?

You know when your whole body just aches all over and you feel flat as a tack! Now there could be a number of reasons for this but let me ask you one question.

Do you water your plants regularly? If not, what happens to them? Yep, you got it- they become wiltered.

And this is exactly what happens to you when you don’t drink enough water.

You see, many people confuse thirst as hunger and instead of getting a glass of water they get something to eat instead.

If you are feeling thirsty it is your body’s way of saying “Hey, I’m dehydrated – please get me some water!” Now eating food on the other hand, will not hydrate you.

Many also confuse this thirst with cravings, and reach for something sweet or fatty to eat like chips and/or chocolate. And guess what happens next? Yep – the clothes start to get tighter as the weight gain begins!
Now because you’re still thirsty and dehydrated, fatigue sets in and you quite literally become a bit like a wilted flower in need of a good watering.
In addition to helping you fight fatigue, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true “magical potion” for permanent weight loss.
So start your day by drinking a full glass of water as soon as you get up because your body hasn’t had a single drop for at least 8 hours. (What am I saying, I’m talking to shift workers here …. 4-5 hours if we’re lucky!!)
And continue drinking water throughout the day to ensure you stay fully hydrated.


After all, ‘The Wiltered Flower Look’ – is not a good look!
P.S. – Oh, and don’t forget to neglect your plants as well!!


  1. Dragonfly

    I feel like a wilted flower in this heat 🙁
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Matty

    I absolutely CANNOT drink a full glass of anything, let alone water when I wake up. My stomach feels completely full and bloated at that time, and I just can't drink THAT MUCH water first thing in the morning. I've tried it and I just can't do it. My body has always been this way. Yes, I know that it hasn't had liquid all night while I slept, but my stomach just cannot accept an entire glass of water first thing upon waking. I have to be up and about for a few hours and allow my stomach to feel it needs something before I can drink that much water.

  3. Sniffles and Smiles

    Wow…I never thought of it that way…I need to do better…don't always start the day with water…sometimes go straight to the caffeine…perhaps that's why some days are better than others…Great tip!!! And the photo is fantastic too! ~Janine XO

  4. Sophia

    Good post. Where I live is a much dryer climate so I have found that I have to drink more water than where I moved from. If I don't, I get bad headaches. Ugh!

  5. katiecrackernuts

    I am off to have a glass of water right now. Actually, I've been making an effort to have a glass of water every time I make a tea or a coffee and replace a tea with a water every so often.
    Oh, and I am quite partial to a glass of wine with mushroom risotto as well. 😉


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