Are You Always Hungry?

If you are hungry all of the time … more often than not, (apart from lack of sleep) it’s because your body is starved of nutrients.

This is because when the diet is made up predominantly of highly refined, processed and cooked foods which are void of nutrients, it leads to increased appetite, cravings and fatigue.

Something shift workers experience often.

On the other hand, raw foods provide the body with satiety and help to subside cravings for sweets and other things that may not serve you. This is because raw foods contain fibre and vital enzymes which are crucial for cellular function, optimal digestion and overall health.

This leads to stable blood sugar which will help you to stop snacking in between meals.

Raw foods are quite literally living food – straight from the earth.

Food is considered raw until heated above 42 degrees Celcius (107 F) – that’s where the bioavailability of nutrients change.

Now I’m not suggesting that you run out and sign up for the next Raw Food Diet Program – although you can if you want to.

I’m merely suggesting that you incorporate more raw foods into your diet, because so many of us are eating pre-packaged, food-like substances that contain very little nutrition – if any.

Instead, start with baby steps.

Add a salad or a smoothie made from raw ingredients into one of your meals each day. That way your body has the opportunity to get used to the added fibre instead of launching into a radical change of diet which can lead to digestive discomfort.

By making this one tiny dietary adjustment, you will begin to notice your energy levels, mental clarity and vitality improve as your body begins to receive the nourishment that it needs in order to thrive!

Audra x


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