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A Book That Has Changed My Life …

Now there’s one thing that I really do enjoy doing, and that’s reading a good book. It helps me to relax, unwind and ‘switch off’ for a few hours.

Suffice to say, I’ve certainly read a few books over the years and every now and then I stumble across an awesome book that I feel compelled to tell other people about.

Why? Well because I can unequivocally say that the following book has totally changed my life – it’s called:
‘The Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be’, by Jack Canfield.

Now I’ll be quite honest with you when I read the first chapter I knew it was going to be a good book because it was a huge wake up call for me. The title of that first chapter reads – ‘Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life’.

Now I don’t think I need to say anymore. It’s brilliant and if you really want to change your life then I strongly recommend you get your hands on a copy right now.
Happy Reading!
P.S: This lady took my advice and read the book. Here’s what she had to say: “I ended up buying The Success Principles, and HONEST TO GOD, my life has completely changed for the better … That book has helped me tremendously. All of a sudden, lots of great things have been happening to me, and I feel for the first time in ages, just really, genuinely happy… thank you so much.” Trudi Dillon, Australia


  1. strokeofliving

    Thanks for this recommendation, I just made a list of possibles and asked a reliable source for her opinion. This book wasn't on the list, I'm still waiting for her feedback. Maybe I'll add this one as well. I've been waiting for a juicy, can't put it down read.

  2. Holly

    I will check out that book. I am getting ready to post a few titles that I find inspirational…for life and health.


  3. Matty

    I will keep this one in mind. Thanks.

  4. Dragonfly

    Sounds good!

  5. Sniffles and Smiles

    The book sounds absolutely terrific!!!! And has anyone ever told you that you have a natural and easy way with words?? I really enjoy reading your writing!!! ~Janine XO

  6. Michela

    I must confess you that when I arrive home from work I'm too much tired that I never read anything a part from blogs…
    Happy weekend! x


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