Work/Life Balance – Are You and Your Scales Out Of Balance?

As we close the blinds and lock up shop for 2009, many of us become obsessed with one New Years Resolution in particular – and that’s to lose weight.

We become fixated (and horrified) at the number that appears on our bathroom scales that we begin a gruelling health and fitness campaign that would impress even the most elite athletes.

But what about your work/life balance? Have you sat down and really analysed how those scales are tipping at the moment?

If not, then now might be the time to start.

To say that most of our lives today are incredibly busy would have to be a massive understatement. We have so many commitments both at work and at home that sometimes everything just gets out of balance.

All of a sudden your 2 year old child is graduating from high school and wanting to get a drivers licence. So, what happened to those years in between??

You see, it’s imperative that you set aside some quality time to spend with your family and friends because life is short – very short.

We become obsessed with doing things that we think are important and that are going to make us happy – when in fact our health, family and friends are the most important.

So not only should you lock in some time to do exercise, but you also need to allocate some time to relax and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Time is your most precious resource – you can never get it back. So make sure it’s not being consumed totally by work.

So as you begin your New Year in 2010 – don’t just analyse your bathroom scales. Make sure that you have a healthy balance between your work environment, your recreation and free time, as well as in the relationships with those that are closest to you.


  1. Life Laugh Latte

    Love this and you are right. Putting our priorities in place is so much more important than our weight. We have precious little time on this earth, and it is up to us how we spend it. I took 2 weeks off of blogging to ponder just that. Happy New Year…Holly

  2. Sniffles and Smiles

    So, so, sooo true. And so incredibly wise! You are simply inspirational. I love this post! ~Janine XO


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