Why A Pear Is Better Than An Apple When It Comes To Your Shift Work Weight!

As a shift worker, have you ever said to yourself … “If only I could get rid of my pear shape I’d be so much happier!” Well you’re going to be pleasantly surprised to learn that having a pear-shaped figure is actually a good thing.

You see being pear-shaped is much better than being shaped like an apple.

And the reason for this is if you look a bit like an apple then you’re probably suffering from a condition known as Toxic Belly Fat Syndrome. This is where you have a lot of inner fat deposited around your mid section which can make you prone to diseases like diabetes, stroke and cancer.

You see so many shift workers are obsessed with their weight. They’re more worried about what the number on the scales reads than anything else.

But starting from today I want you to change focus and make the size of your waist your main priority.

Now to give you an idea on what you should be aiming for:

  • In men, your waist should be no more than 100cm (or 40 inches)
  • In women, your waist should be no more than 87cm (or 35 inches)

So stop stressing about your weight and start focusing on getting your waist measurements within these guidelines.

To achieve good health whilst working shift work, I want you to really understand that weight is not the big issue. You may have read somewhere that it’s better to be pear-shaped (small waist and large hips) – than an apple which is round in the middle because it’s all about avoiding the Toxic Belly Fat.

You see you might actually fall into the ‘healthy weight range’, but it’s the inner fat that’s of concern. You can still have Toxic Belly Fat even if you’re not overweight. And on the opposite side of the equation, you can be overweight but have no toxic belly fat.

So start getting serious about your diet and lifestyle habits – no more slumping on the couch with a burger and fries. And no more drinking copious amounts of sugar infested sodas. It’s just not worth it.

And another important point to raise, Toxic Belly Fat Syndrome has even been linked to things like sleeping disorders. Considering sleep is a rare and precious resource if you’re a shift worker, it’s certainly an excellent motivating force to change from being an apple to a pear!


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