Is Constant Worrying Stopping You From Getting A Good Night's Sleep?

Today I’d like to write about something that one of my subscribers mentioned that was causing her a lot of grief. Why? Because I think her situation affects a vast majority of the population – whether you work shift work or not.

Now this lady mentioned that she can’t sleep because she’s constantly worrying.

And if this is something that you can relate to, then read on.

You see I know exactly what she’s going through. I spent many, many years constantly worrying about family matters and a realm of other things – that I had absolutely no control over.

Crazy, but true.

It caused me so much grief, added to my fatigue, disrupted my sleep patterns and even made me physically sick.

And it wasn’t until I stopped worrying and started to change my thoughts, that my life started to change for the better.

Now if you’re familiar with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not – then that’s OK.

Because the good news is that you can quite simply, change your life by changing your thoughts.

Sound a bit “out there” for you. Well just stick with me here.

According to teacher and professional speaker Jean Barlow – “90% of what you worry about never happens”.

But interestingly enough – so much of us worry about ‘this and that’ – stuff that we have absolutely no control over, but it ends up having an enormous impact on our overall health and well-being.

So try taking some advice from self-development guru Dale Carnegie:

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep”.

So from this day forward, I want you to start changing your thoughts. Get rid of all of the negative, self-destructing and irrelevant thoughts from your head – because they are not helping you one iota.

By clearing your mind of things that you have no control over and cannot change, you will begin to notice that you sleep much more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed.

And that my friend, has got to be good news if you’re a shift worker!


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