Do You Eat At Your Desk?

Okey dokey. Hands up if you eat at your desk??

Shift workers are notorious for having gut issues for a myriad of reasons, but before sending you off to complete a heap of tests or writing a script to take some pills – has your health practitioner ever asked you WHERE and HOW you eat?

Because if you’re sitting at your desk shovelling food down whilst you’re typing at your computer or on the phone, you’re likely going to overeat and bypass the body’s innate hunger mechanism which will contribute to gut discomfort.

Ideally, we will chew our food thoroughly and pause in between bites. This means placing our knife and fork down and mindfully chewing instead of guzzling it down in great haste … but I do get that allocated meal breaks can often be an ‘oversight of sorts’ in many a shift working organization 🙄.

I won’t harp on this topic even though I could quite easily do so for hours 🤯 … but if this has become ‘culturally acceptable’ in your workplace, then maybe it’s time to speak up and say something. Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

When we eat more mindfully, it allows the stomach and pancreas to produce a sufficient amount of enzymes, gastric juices and bile that will help in the digestive process leading to more efficient nutrient absorption and assimilation.

In other words, a much healthier you by simply changing where and how you eat 😊.

Audra x



Cherpak, C 2019, ‘Mindful Eating: A Review Of How The Stress-Digestion-Mindfulness Triad May Modulate And Improve Gastrointestinal And Digestive Function’, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 48-53.


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