Why A Dusty Old Push Bike Should Not Stop Your New Year's Resolution

At the beginning of every New Year, millions of people around the world excitedly set out to achieve their ‘New Year Resolutions’. You know what I mean, things like losing weight, getting fit and healthy, changing jobs, starting a business … the list goes on. .

So what is it about the New Year? .

Realistically it’s just another day but for some reason because it sits at the top of the calander year, we go into a mad frenzy of writing out new goals and committing ourselves to New Year Resolutions. .

And I must admit, I am indeed no different. In fact one of my New Year Resolutions is to get fitter by going out and experiencing new activities that I haven’t tried before. After all, variety is the spice of life – so they say! .

So yesterday afternoon not only did I go for a paddle on a kayak, but I dusted off my push bike and took it out for a ride. Now when I mean “dusted off” – I mean quite literally. You see, I cannot remember the last time I took it out for a ride. In fact the tyres were completely flat, the dust had stuck to the paint work like cement, and it took me 45 minutes of digging around under the house to find my helmet! .

But like most people, I was committed to starting the New Year off with a bang and so with the help of my hubby, both my bike and I emerged onto the footpath ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ and raring to go! .

Now as you can imagine after months of neglect, my beloved push bike was somewhat ‘out of fitness’. (It couldn’t possibly be me … it must be the push bike.).

And at this point I was certainly grateful to live in a flat suburb of Brisbane, so we were able to glide around the streets together with a fair amount of ease. But that was until we turned a corner and came across a hill which happend to be in the way of my destination – very inconvenient might I add! .

Lucky for me though – I’m not one to give up easily. As I felt my muscles burning from lack of exercise, I kept my head down and focussed on getting up that dreaded hill because I was going to get to the top – no matter what. .

So as you endeavour to go about reaching your goals and New Year’s resolutions, you will no doubt come across many road blocks, challenges and frustrations that will try and stop you in your tracks. .

And that’s OK, really it is. Just be prepared to tackle the obstacles and distractions as they come up in your daily life, (just like I did puffing and panting to get up that hill on my dusty old push bike) – because when you do reach the top and achieve that goal or New Year’s Resolution you’ll be so glad that you did!.

P.S – Which means that you’ll be able to set an even BIGGER one for 2011! Anyone for skydiving?

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19 thoughts on “Why A Dusty Old Push Bike Should Not Stop Your New Year's Resolution

  1. Great New Year's post! I found your blog through a comment you left on my cat Willow's blog. (willowscatblog.blogspot.com)

    Hope you have a healthy Happy New Year! And Happy New Year to Misty from China Cat & Willow!

  2. Oh, I love bike riding! My bike is buried in the garage under about 1500 lbs of crap though. The breaks don't work and I have no idea how to fix them – so that means I just quit riding the bike. Sad. Maybe this spring I'll dig it out, take it to a bike shop, and get those breaks fixed.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I think I'll buy a new bike 🙂 Terrific post!!! So upbeat, and yet, so very reasonable…it is soooo easy to set unrealistic goals…and your advice comes at just the perfect time for me!!!! I'm facing some really big deadlines over the next several months…and have been feeling rather overwhelmed…thank you for reminding me to take it a little at a time!!! You're a gem!!! I'm so glad I met you!!! ~Janine XO

  4. Well done!

    What an exciting year ahead…so many things to achieve and 'journeys' to take – one day at a time makes it all seem so much more attainable!

    But skydiving…I'm all for the bike riding!

    Ingrid x

  5. Good work Audra! I went to a Pilates class today and woke up muscles that I didn't know existed. I guess a new year is a good time to start afresh. Have a great one! x

    • Thank you! I really enjoy writing and getting creative with my headlines … I hope you enjoy reading the content too!

  6. I found this blog on digg.com social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also really like your blog theme! Did you create it yourself or can I download it from somehwere?

    • Hi there,

      You just click on the RSS button on the top right of the blog page – then click on the “subscribe to this RSS feed” on the left. Voila!! 🙂