The Biggest Shift Work Struggle – And How You Can Beat It In An Instant!

As a fellow shift worker, have you ever wondered what the biggest shift work struggle actually is? What’s that most annoying, lingering pain that just doesn’t seem to go away when you work these crazy and irregular hours?

Well before I tell you this, I’d like to let you know that my loyal shift work followers just like you, come from all around the world. From Africa, to Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Canada – you name it and I’ve had someone from that country opt-in and request my Free Report:

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And no matter where they’re from, by far the biggest struggle that people tell me that they have when working shift work is fatigue. Hands down, no question about it.

And what’s interesting is that the majority of people blame sleep deprivation for this fatigue. Now I’m not going to disagree with you, because this definitely contributes to why so many shift workers live in a constant state of tiredness.

But is sleep deprivation entirely to blame? Absolutely not.

Because you can actually reduce your fatigue by simply changing your eating habits.

What goes in your mouth has enormous ramifications on how you feel and your overall level of energy. So much so that you can actually escalate your fatigue by eating or drinking, all of the wrong types of food or beverages.

Just like you go and fill up your car with premium fuel, you should be doing exactly the same with your own body.

Unfortunately for most shift workers, the tendency to fill up on what’s essentially “contaminated” fuel, is a much faster and much easier thing to do. Things like processed foods and caffeinated energy drinks only zap your energy and add to your fatigue.

So don’t just blame sleep deprivation as the main reason why you’re feeling so tired all of the time. The harsh reality is that we may not be able to change the roster, or the hours that we work, but we can certainly change what we put in our mouth.

It’s about taking 100% responsibility for your health and doing whatever it takes to help you to overcome fatigue whilst working these crazy and irregular hours.

Oh and I almost forgot! How can you beat fatigue in an instant? Go and grab yourself a piece of fruit. The water inside the fruit will help hydrate you (dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue), and the natural sugar content inside the fruit (fructose) – will help give you a more long
lasting energy boost!


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