Shift Work Hours – Are You Spending Too Much Time At Work?

Now working shift work hours is bad enough, but are you spending way too much time at work as well?

You see I remember when I was much younger – some time ago when I was in my twenties – I used to work crazy and irregular hours, but they were also LONG.

I would happily put my name down to do some overtime and not batter an eye-lid at the thought of working a 0400-1600 shift. You’ve got to love those 12 hour shifts – not.

But fast forward 10 years or so, I made a decision to work my rostered shift and that was that. Yes the extra money was always nice, but at what cost? You can push yourself to work hard for awhile, but eventually your body will say “enough is enough!”

I for one, wanted to get in first and not give my body the satisfaction of telling me so.

So I made a decision to make my health – my PRIORITY.

Shift work hours are hard enough to get used too, in fact you may even work permanent night shifts or 12 hours shifts because a lot of work environments these days expect their staff to be willing to put in the long hours and commit to the job. But this in effect can be counterproductive – especially if you’re sleep deprived to begin with.

When you try and push yourself too hard, your productivity decreases. Which if a lot of businesses realised this, they would think twice about making their staff work 12 hour shifts.

* Recovery time is so important.

* Spending time with your friends and family is so important.

* Undertaking regular exercise is so important.

* And having the time to undertake fun activities outside of work is also so important.

So take a look at your shift work hours. If you are choosing to make them longer by doing a lot of unnecessary overtime, then it might be time to reassess your life and where you’re going.


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