Lots of laughter keeps you healthy!

As shift workers so many of us are tired and stressed that we’ve literally forgotten how to laugh. We focus on how exhausted and unhappy we’re feeling (which attracts more of this feeling) – that we sometimes even ‘forget’ how to smile, be friendly and to just have some fun.

So relax and don’t take yourself so seriously. Life is very short so enjoy every minute of it!

Find a way to incorporate some fun and laughter back in to your life because this will help you to stop worrying about things and concentrate on what’s more important – personal happiness. So whether it’s reading a funny book, watching a funny movie, or even going to a live Comedy Show (highly recommended) – find a way that get’s you laughing again and better still – laugh with some of your closest friends because laughter is SO contagious and good for you!

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2 thoughts on “Lots of laughter keeps you healthy!

  1. ….with seven more hours to go in my ‘graveyard’ shift….I can hardly wait for some fun and laughter on my days off coming up!

  2. Excellent! By planning ahead some fun activities on your days off this can definitely help you get through those ‘graveyard’ shifts! The countdown to days off begins …