It's A Cat's Life!

Ahhh to be a cat!

Did you know that the average cat sleeps between 16- 18 hours a day? Unbelievable isn’t it!!

Here’s a snap shot of my cat ‘Misty’ who yes does sleep alot, but always gets up with me at 3:30am when I’m on an early shift.

As soon as I walk out that front door I’m sure she goes straight back to bed and is a little miffed as to why I would be up at such an hour!!

She’s not the only one …

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5 thoughts on “It's A Cat's Life!

  1. Hi Audra and Misty,
    My mum works at the hospital and does shift work too, so we are glad to find your blog. She knows that I go back to bed as soon as she gets called in. In the summertime I go outside at night and wait for her.

    Nice to meet you all.

    Poppy Q

  2. Hi Poppy Q,

    Nice to meet another shift work cat … you know exactly what it's like to get up at crazy hours too!

    Misty has actually saved me from being late to work many times because she's my "back up alarm clock". She comes in after the alarm goes off and walks all over my face to remind me that I have to go to work …