Crazy Shift Work Hours – Did You Have To Work With The Easter Bunny?

Shift work hours are crazy – no question. Whether it’s getting up in the middle of the night, working through to the wee hours of the morning, or having to work when the majority of the population is enjoying some time off.

It can certainly be tough and I’m not going to tell you otherwise. So did you get the short straw this Easter, and have to work along with the Easter bunny?

Well if you did, I certainly hope the Easter bunny didn’t forget to stop by your house – even if you weren’t at home!

Now I don’t know about you, but I was fairly lucky this year. I had to work 2 out of the 4 day holiday period so I was able to squeeze in some time to catch up with friends and family (and have the odd little Easter egg of course!)

In fact I was so lucky that I even had a passenger give me an Easter egg because she felt sorry that I had to work over the holiday period. How nice was that?

So if you have days when your shift work hours get you down – just remember to stay focused on what’s good about working shift work.

OK if you’ve just read that and you’re ready to throw something at me … just stick with me here because this is really important.

You see as a fellow shift worker, my shift working life only started to change for the better when I made the decision to ‘not mind shift work’.

Just like I explain in my Free Report – Why Shift Workers Are Prone To Tiredness, Ill Health And Unhappiness – And What YOU Can Do To Fix It! I have literally changed the way that I think about working shift work, which has completely changed my life.

Because if you come into work everyday and say to yourself “… I hate my job, I hate working shift work, woe is me…” then that’s exactly what is going to happen. It simple terms, your thoughts will attract those things.

However if you start to take charge of your shift working life (and not the other way round), you will begin to feel so much happier at work. A simple change in the way that you think, can be very powerful.

So don’t let those crazy shift work hours get you down. Go into work and have as much fun as you can (… and I don’t mean throwing lollies around the office, although that would be lots of fun), but things like coming into work with a smile on your face, being friendly and not taking life so seriously.

Because when we laugh, it’s contagious and we can all do with having some more laughter in the work place.

Happy Easter everyone!


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