Being Able To Stretch Out Your Holidays … Another Bonus Of Shift Work!

As I flew in from the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ yesterday, (‘aka’ New Zealand), I must say that I’m feeling quite relaxed. Being on vacation is really tough … seriously tough!

After hiring a car and then a campervan, we travelled over 2000 kms around this incredibly scenic country. My husband was so impressed he was actually ready to ‘set up camp’ and even become a New Zealand citizen …

Now just rewinding the clock back a little bit to when I started my holidays a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I did was get up early (well, when I saw daylight for a change), and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. And as I went for that walk I watched people as they sat in their cars, stuck in peak hour traffic as they headed off to work.

And as I continued on my walk (with a big smile on my face), I was very happy and relieved to be a shift worker and to be on holidays when everyone else was going back at work.

And the reason for my post today is that I wanted to share with you another bonus of being a shift worker – being able to stretch out your holidays.

You see our ‘Nine-to-Five Cousins’ (as I like to call them) are really restricted when they can take leave and for how long.

But as shift workers, most of us are able to be away on vacation at times when most people are going back to work.

And I was even lucky enough to receive a phone call this morning letting me know that I had two additional leave days approved which, along with my days off, actually stretched out my leave for another 4 days! How cool is that?

So not only do shift workers have the flexibility of taking leave at different times of the year (this is great because accommodation is cheaper and queues are much smaller), but you can even be lucky enough to have your leave extended.

So the next time you feel like ranting and raving about having to work crazy and irregular hours (‘aka’ shift work) – be grateful for those little bonuses that pop up every now and then … something that our ‘Nive-to-Five Cousins’ rarely get the opportunity to enjoy!


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