Why Energy Depleted Shift Workers Need To Be Turning Green.

Now if you are a shift worker and I asked you this question, “Are you in search of more energy?” you would probably look at me a bit strangely. Considering the majority of shift workers wander around in a sleep-deprived state, a lack of energy certainly rates high amongst the Top 10 Shift Work Struggles.

So if I was to share with you a little Shift Worker Energy Secret that is going to give you a boost in energy, would you be interested in hearing what it is?

Well I’m going to tell you anyway, and it’s all about why you should be turning green!


Well let me explain. I had a 0430am shift this morning so was woken up by that nasty little invention called the Alarm Clock, at 0350am. Not a particularly friendly time of the “day” as you can imagine, but I staggered out of bed and jumped into the shower to wake myself up into some kind of semi-conscious state.

I had packed my lunchbox the night before, just like I always do, but this time I decided to try something different. I decided to make myself a juice from raw vegetables to help me get through my shift.

So after a few hours at work, I decided to dig out my Green Raw Energy juice from the fridge – which comprised of green apples, carrots, spinach, cabbage, celery and pomegranate juice, and sat down to drink it.

Within half an hour I was feeling fantastic!

Unlike heavy processed foods, juices are really fast and easy to digest which enables you to reap the benefits of a boost in energy, not long after drinking it.

Heavy processed foods on the other hand can absolutely drain you of energy because the body struggles to digest anything that it’s not familiar with – that is, anything that is not a whole food, just like nature designed it.

So next time you’re on an early shift, or you have to go in for the dreaded night shift – try packing yourself a Raw Green Energy Juice. Give the coffee, coke and other caffeinated energy drinks the flick, and have a raw vegetable juice instead. Not only are they super tasty but they are probably one of the biggest Shift Worker Energy Secrets yet to be discovered – until now!


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