A Well-Deserved Vacation Away From Shift Work

Having just gotten back from a well-deserved vacation away from the crazy hours of shift work AND subsequently my alarm clock – I must admit that I have never felt better.

My trusty alarm clock was left far away from the inside of my suitcase, resting where it should be – beside my bedside table.

Now if you’re a shift worker having some time off and going on vacation is absolutely essential because your body is more than likely severely sleep-deprived and in desperate need of some well-earned rest.

But the human body is an amazing machine.

You can push it and keep pushing it even when you are absolutely exhausted. But doing this day in, and day out for many years is certainly going to be detrimental on your health long term.

However the good news for shift workers is that just going on a mini-vacation will do wonders for your health and energy levels. For example taking 4 days off and going away on a camping trip to escape the city life will certainly go along way into helping you to recharge your batteries.

In fact just allocating 10-15 minutes each day to clear your head and unwind is going to help improve your health and well-being enormously.

Remember that you can only stretch an elastic band so far until it will snap.

So make sure you find some time out from working shift work – whether it’s a mini-vacation, or just a 10-15 minute break during the day. There are always subtle things that you can do to help tie you over until your designated holiday or vacation break comes around each year.

And speaking of a well-deserved vacation away from shift work, what’s been your favourite holiday destination?

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  1. Ingrid

    I’m dreaming of my next escape…holidays are always so refreshing and rejuvinating (not to mention good for the soul). No matter if it’s an adventure close by or in faraway places…it’s the break in routine, relaxation and rest that always does the trick!


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