What This Corona Virus Is Really Teaching Us.

Things are certainly changing day by day (if not hour by hour) since the outbreak of this coronavirus, but I’d like to just pause for a moment, and ask ourselves what can we learn from this?

In other words, what is this corona virus really teaching us?

Because I think its been the biggest wake-up call in our history, to remind us of how critically important (and fragile) our health is.

For far too many of us, we continue to neglect our bodies with poor dietary and lifestyle choices – taking our health for granted which over the long-term, is going to lead to poor health outcomes.

Unlike a virus, however, poor dietary and lifestyle choices don’t have an immediate impact.  

Our body is incredibly resilient in that it finds a way to adapt to eating ‘food like substances’ or being sedentary – despite never existing in that way.

  • It learns how to adapt to eating refined and processed foods despite not being able to digest them, as they are foreign to the body.
  • It learns how to adapt to the toxic overload experienced from excessive alcohol consumption.
  • It learns how to adapt to sitting down all day.
  • It learns how to adapt to a diet low in nutrients and dietary fibre, despite needing both to support a healthy gut microbiome and immune system.
  • It learns how to adapt to running on limited amounts of sleep.
  • It learns how to adapt to constant spikes in blood sugar levels despite placing an enormous strain on the pancreas to produce insulin.
  • It learns how to adapt to a growing waistline despite struggling with the increased pressure placed on internal organs.
  • It learns how to adapt {insert current behaviour}.

Quite simply, It learns how to adapt … until it no longer can.

So I ask you to please watch this short 7-minute video by a leading cardiologist addressing the ‘Elephant in the Room’ around this Corona Virus.

If there is ANYTHING that we learn from all of this, is that we must start taking better care of our health starting from TODAY.

Because we only get one ‘Earth Suit’, and one chance to take care of it.

Audra x

P.S:  You will hear the interviewer mention the words “common sense” at the end of this video which is something that I mention at the start of every single Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Event that I run, because “Common sense is not common practice, yet it can have the most PROFOUND impact on our health.”


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