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The Positives Of Working Shift Work

As many of you read that title – “The positives of working shift work” – you’re probably ready to throw something at me!

But you know – there really are some positives … like no traffic jams, time off during the week to go to the beach or see a movie, finishing work at lunchtime, no standing in queues ….

You see – I told you there are some positives!! So don’t just groan about all the bad stuff – concentrate on the good stuff too because it will help change your mindset and make you feel that little bit better when that blaring alarm clock goes off at 3am!!


  1. inkala images

    For most, 0300 alarm means a 0400 start which means a midday finish…now that would be nice! But I am grateful to be employed…really I am! x

  2. Anonymous

    Now that's the way! Looking at the positives of working shiftwork – well done!

  3. Sid Indovina

    This is a very good post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?


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