The Positives Of Working Shift Work

As many of you read that title – “The positives of working shift work” – you’re probably ready to throw something at me!

But you know – there really are some positives … like no traffic jams, time off during the week to go to the beach or see a movie, finishing work at lunchtime, no standing in queues ….

You see – I told you there are some positives!! So don’t just groan about all the bad stuff – concentrate on the good stuff too because it will help change your mindset and make you feel that little bit better when that blaring alarm clock goes off at 3am!!

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3 thoughts on “The Positives Of Working Shift Work

  1. For most, 0300 alarm means a 0400 start which means a midday finish…now that would be nice! But I am grateful to be employed…really I am! x