Shift Work Weight Gain – Why You're Just 21 Days Away From Beating It!

I hate to say it but shift work weight gain is extremely common. We’re notorious for eating all of the wrong foods all at the wrong times of the day, so the weight just naturally gravitates to our once svelte figure!

But did you know that it takes just 18-21 days to change a habit? Which means that you are just 21 days away from reducing some of that shift work weight gain.

Pretty exciting isn’t it?

Now as easy as that sounds, you certainly have to stay committed to get the results that you’re looking for otherwise you’re going to end up disappointed. You have to be accountable – either to your friends or family, or by writing in a small journal every single day.

Because the problem is that our brain is wired to do lots of negative, habitual patterns (eating the wrong foods and failing to exercise) – even though we know it’s not right.

So to begin, you need to ask yourself – “Do I have a sedentary lifestyle?” And if the answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time to get moving – literally!

As most shift workers suffer from some form of constant fatigue and tiredness, many people use this as an excuse not to exercise. But the problem is that this sedentary lifestyle makes you feel even more lethargic all of the time.

It’s like whenever you go for a long drive in your car. You didn’t do anything except spend the whole day sitting, but you’re exhausted by the time that you get there. Again, you did nothing – you just sat!

You see our body is designed and built to move. We are supposed to be ‘hunters and gatherers’ where we have to move in order to survive and live.

Fast track to 2010 and it’s completely the opposite – we hardly move at all.

But the good news is that when you start to move again – your endorphins kick in (the body’s feel good hormones) – and you start to feel alive again.

Or more simply put – once you move again, your body will get used to it and will want more!!

But a word of warning. Whenever you embark on any new fitness program, it can certainly be overwhelming because you’re focusing on the end result. You might feel like you’re going to have to climb Mt Everest to get there because it feels so far beyond your reach right now. But if you just take small, incremental steps every single day – you will definitely get there.

So if you’re serious about eliminating some your shift work weight gain, then it’s time to get moving!

Instead of slumping on the couch in front of the TV after work – put on your running shoes and go out for a short walk around the block. You’ll feel so much better when you do – and your running shoes will thank you for it too. (After all, they’re built and designed to move as well!)


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