Organic Versus Non-Organic: Which One Should You Choose?

In my quest to become a ‘healthy shift worker’ and to inspire others to become the same, I’ve always tried to include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet because they’re quite simply, Mother Nature’s Golden Ticket when it comes to first class nutrition.

So whenever I’m compiling my weekly menu plan which incorporates nourishing, nutrient-dense and energizing meals (to help combat my “too tired to cook” theory around working 24/7), I always ensure my weekly shop includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course whenever I’m feeling totally exhausted and way too tired to cook (often after a string of early shifts), I often whip myself up a green juice or smoothie containing fresh fruits and vegetables as they’re easily digestible and the nutrients can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in more energy for my tired, sleep-deprived body.

But when I read a report a few years ago on the pesticide levels which can be found in some fruits and vegetables, I was flabbergasted to discover such high levels had been detected in so many of those which I would consume every day.

The same can be said when you spray your fruit and vege patch in the backyard with chemicals to scare away those nasty bugs and insects, as well as using fertilizer to help enhance growth and make your fruits and veges “look nicer”, you have to remember that you’re going to be ingesting these toxic chemicals too. Chemicals don’t just wash off in water which is why it’s really important to buy organic wherever possible to help reduce the toxic overload on your body.

According to the US Department of Agriculture and Environmental Working Group, the biggest offenders and highest pesticide levels can be found in the below:


Closely followed by:


So don’t be perturbed by the funny looking certified organic fruit and vegetables usually found stashed in the back corner of most local grocers, it just means they haven’t been subjected to a plethora of toxic chemicals and substances. Not only are they incredibly good for you, but they taste how Mother Nature intended them too – that is, loaded with heaps of flavour!


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