Microwave Ovens: Why It’s Not A Shift Worker’s Best Friend

Are you a serial micro-waver? Well if you work a 24/7 roster then your answer is probably a resounding “yes”.

As shift workers we rely on this handy (and super fast) heating appliance in our workplace, however microwaves heat food by causing water molecules in it to resonate at very high frequencies changing the chemical structure of the food. It changes the protein structure of the food to a point where our body no longer recognises it as food and instead, sees it as a foreign toxin that requires an inflammatory response from the body.

Not good as inflammation is one of the major causes of ill-health in society today.

Not only does microwave cooking destroy fragile nutrients (antioxidants, proteins and fats), but carcinogenic toxins can also leach out of the plastic and paper containers used to transport our lunch and dinners to and from work, and into the food which we eat.

So I’m happy I disposed of my microwave oven over 3 years ago and have since invested in a ‘Thermos Pot’, so I no longer have to “nuke” my dinner at work. Definitely a worthwhile investment as is watching this short (5 minute) video by Nutritionist Julie Daniluk explaining the dangers and damaging effects microwave cooking has on our health …

Dangers of Microwave Ovens


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