Instant Weight Loss – Is It Reallly Possible When You Work Shift Work?

Many people today are searching for that fast, instant way to lose weight despite having to work shift work. In fact most of us would like to lose 5 kilograms by the end of the week – without having to do all of the hard work in between.

But is it really possible to achieve instant weight loss when you work shift work? Or more importantly, is it really a good idea?

Well even though it may be something that you aspire too – it’s not realistic.

Let’s say you’ve gained 20 kilograms over the past few years. Then you’re certainly not going to lose those 20 kilograms (or even 5 kilograms) in a matter of days – and nor should you want to.

Despite what is promised on the front cover of the latest women’s magazines that flood the shelves of newsagents around the world – the celebrity weight loss stories that you read are just not true. It’s talented and incredibly savvy publishers that are luring you in with their fancy magazine headlines –

– “Lose 8 Kilo’s In Just 4 Days” or

– “How ‘Celebrity X’ Went From A Size 16 to 10 In Just 1 Week!”

Unfortunately the media portrays these people as having achieved instant weight loss results in a very short period of time, when in reality they’ve been busting their butts over a lot longer period and have had a bit of ‘air brushing’ help thanks to the editor.

So the trick to achieving weight loss despite having to work crazy and irregular hours is actually much easier than you think.

Aim to lose just ONE kilogram at a time because one kilogram will turn into two; two kilograms will turn into three; and so on.

It’s all about progress not perfection.

Life is not a race – it’s a marathon, and it’s the baby steps that will help you to lose the shift work weight – and lose it for good.


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