In Need Of An Energy Drink? Try This 'Easy Green Energy Drink' Alternative To Red Bull!

As shift workers, we often walk around in a zombie-like state thanks to our sleep-deprived lifestyle, and many of us rely on a caffeine kick to fire up our engines, particularly on an early shift or when we’re struggling to stay awake on night shift.

However if you’re a Red-Bull-energy-drink kind of junkie, then I’ve got a much healthier alternative for you and it’s called Spirulina.

Now if you spun the can of your Red Bull around and really studied the list of ingredients I’m sure you’d struggle to decipher the contents.

It reads more like a chemical experiment than a list of edible items.

The toxic list of ingredients (and they really are toxic) include high amounts of caffeine, preservatives and additives. The sugar contained in Red Bull is actually a sweetener called aspartame (951/E951) which is known to cause breathing difficulties, depression, dizziness, gradual weight gain, headache, insomnia, memory loss, mood changes … to name just a few! And that’s just ONE of the ingredients.

So move over Red Bull and make way for Spirulina!

This blue-green algae is high in protein as it contains all of the 22 amino acids the body requires. It’s dark green colour make it a great source of chlorophyll which helps to rejuvenate the body and assists in the building of healthy alkaline blood.

Spirulina is also rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) which helps to improve mental clarity, boost energy levels and decrease appetite. Yep – a real bonus if you’re trying to lose weight!

Spirulina comes in a powdered form and is great in fruit juices and fruit-based smoothies. I’ve thrown a teaspoon into some coconut water this morning (which is a natural sports energy drink in it’s own right), as it’s high in B and C vitamins, proteins and electrolytes.

My Easy Green Energy Drink

2 cups coconut water
1 teaspoon spirulina

Stir or blend spirulina with coconut water.

So forget Red Bull, ‘V’, Mother, Pepsi-Max or whatever else you’ve been lured into buying from the vending machine. Replace it with Mother Nature’s Energy Drink instead – Spirulina, because it will give you the energy fix that you’ve been searching for – without the need of a chemistry lesson!


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