I'm So Glad That I Work Shift Work …

After a visit to my local shopping centre today I decided that I’m very grateful that I work shift work.

Why? Because the shopping centre was absolute chaos this morning.

* It’s the weekend and finding a car park was like stalking prey … waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting person as they left the shopping centre and walked towards their car.

* Having to queue to buy a coffee (yikes! what’s with that??!)

* Having to weave yourself around hoards of people as you window shop – which might I add can be incredibly dangerous as you can get attacked by prams from both the front and from behind.

So I’ve decided that shopping centres are a dangerous place on the weekends and should be avoided at all times!!

And as shift workers we are incredibly lucky because we can do our shopping during the week, something that our “9-5 cousins” must be green with envy!

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  1. Dragonfly

    Yes its true – that's one of the best benefits of shift-work!!! Glad you made it out alive!


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