Feeling Unwell or Low on Energy? Try These Two Things.

Whenever we’re feeling sick, run down or our energy is low, we often resort to eating heavy foods such as chicken soup.

Whilst this may work for some, when we’re unwell, we often lose our appetite.

Our body essentially sends us a signal “not to eat”.

Yet we think we need to eat to have more energy.

Whilst elements of this are true, the reality is most of the population is overeating – especially when working 24/7. This has led to many experiencing weight gain, dysregulated blood sugar, gut issues etc.

When we get sick, we often can’t keep food down.

So is this really the body’s way of helping you to heal? To remove food from your stomach in order to utilize the maximum amount of energy for healing?

Because digesting heavy food depletes energy resources essential for healing.

Listening to the body, cooperating with it instead of trying to suppress a fever, diarrhea or other symptoms with pills, potions or even food – will help to conserve energy by eating lighter and resting more.

My recommendation this week is to commit to the following two things over the next 7-days.

1. Reduce food portion sizes by about 1/3.

2. Go to bed half an hour earlier no matter your shift – even if you’re on days off.

Take note of your energy levels and general feelings of wellness and notice the difference in how you’re feeling. Do you feel lighter? Less nausea? Do you have better mental clarity?

I have a feeling that you will :-).

Audra x

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  1. Judith Greene

    I have been feeling tired and week for many months now. Its a strange weekness that comes from deep inside like the air is being let out of a balloon. Sometimes I get electric shocks through my neck and upper body. I have degenerative discs in my neck. At night I get terrible anxiety in my pelvis. I do have a double fusion L5/S1 and L4/5. I am not overwieght. I have no appetite.


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