Do You Struggle With Insomnia?

I’d like to dedicate my next post to Tracey from Tracey’s Crafty Scraps who made a comment on my previous post that she struggles to get 3-4 hours sleep a night, let alone 6-7.

There are certainly many people around the world who are plagued by Insomnia which not only effects your ability to get the proper amount of rest that your body needs to recharge, but it can also have many other side effects. These may include mood changes, depression and/or anxiety, as well as speeding up the aging process.

As a shift worker I certainly struggle at getting enough hours of sleep, but I have never personally suffered from Insomnia. (I think I’d be a train wreck if I did!)

So I’d like to call on the experts to help Tracey out – and anyone else out there who is reading this post, and needs some help.

Here’s what I found when I undertook my own research.

It’s called ‘Sleep Tracks’ – a program designed by Yan Muckle who personally suffered from insomnia for years. After years of trial and error and an extensive amount of research, Yan has developed a program to help break the crippling cycle of sleepless nights.

For more information you can visit Yan at: Sleep Tracks

Here’s to a good nights sleep!


  1. Tracey

    Thanks for that! It's 1am & I've had my 2 hours sleep. Off to look at that link now…XXX

  2. Healthy Shift Worker

    Yikes! 2 hours sleep. I hope Yan can help you.

  3. Farmgirl Paints

    Oh I can't even imagine. I think I would be the worst mom in the world on 2 hours of sleep. Yelling, throwing tantrums…yep that would be me – reduced to the maturity of a 3 year old. Good luck!

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  5. Healthy Shift Worker

    I'm glad it brightened your day Caitlin – hopefully the content will help with your insomnia too!


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