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Do You Feel Cluttered?

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, coming home to a cluttered house can magnify the stresses of the day.
Taking a few minutes every day to focus on reducing your household clutter can go along way toward diminishing your anxiety.
When you arrive home after work, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed at the sight of a disorganized house – particularly your bedroom.
Nobody wants to come home to a bedroom like this one!

So start to get into the habit of ‘decluttering’ your house because you will feel so much happier!!
You can’t clean the whole house in 5 minutes, but a couple of minor adjustments will definitely help restore your sense of ease and tranquillity when you walk in the front door after a tiresome day at work.


  1. Dragonfly

    Its so true! You definately sleep much better without the clutter in the house ….. now just gotta clear the clutter in the mind!!!!

  2. Poppy Q

    I am trying to declutter, and you have to take it slowly as otherwise you become overwhelmed by it all.

    Great advice.


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