Do You Eat When You’re Not Hungry?

Do you eat when you’re not hungry?

OR… Have you been on every diet under the sun, but are still struggling to lose weight?!!

Because when we actually take time out from eating (call it fasting, or just not eating continually which is what most people have become accustomed to doing these days) – it initiates hormonal changes that make stored fat more accessible.

It essentially helps the body to break down surplus fat, leading to weight loss.

This occurs as the body uses fuel in the following order:

  1. Glucose (sugar)
  2. Glycogen (sugar stored in the liver and muscles)
  3. Adipose or fat tissue

So when blood sugar and insulin is low, it enables fat burning to occur.

This, in turn, helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and wait for it … reduce cravings!!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Being able to reduce those sugar cravings is music to every shift worker’s ears :-).

Data published in the peer-reviewed journal Obesity stated that taking time out from eating or fasting… “It’s like flicking a metabolic switch that shifts the metabolism from fat creation and fat storage to mobilization of body fat in the form of free fatty acids, and fatty acid-derived ketones to be used for fuel”.

So the BIG TAKEAWAY from this email, is this.

Eating when you’re not hungry (yes even healthy food!!) will impair your ability to lose weight.

Now I know this is not always feasible – especially when at work and you’ve been assigned designated meal breaks…

…but WHERE POSSIBLE, consciously choose to listen to your natural appetite regulation mechanism before eating out of boredom, or just for the sake of eating.

By this I mean being more in tuned with the tummy grumbles as this will lead to sustainable weight loss and healthy body composition without the need for restrictive diets that are neither effective nor fun!

Audra x

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