Changing Habits – Meeting the Guru, Cindi Omeara at the Wellness Summit

I felt incredibly lucky to see this lady in person when I attended a Wellness Summit in Melbourne on the weekend. Cindi O’meara from Changing Habits, is one of Australia’s leading Nutritionists who is incredibly passionate about healthy eating.

What I love about Cindi is her simplistic view on food. That we should focus on eating locally grown foods and those which are in season. We’ve complicated things so much with packaged foods, protein shakes, vitamins, etc. that we need to get back to the basics and just eat real food.

She is not a raw foodist. She is a REAL foodist. Someone who makes everything from scratch. That means not buying food contained in packets, bottles or jars because it’s not real food.

Cindi also mentioned how a Leaky Gut is one of the major contributors to autoimmune disease. A Leaky Gut is when the integrity of the epithelial lining in our stomach has been broken.

So how can we heal a leaky gut? Cindi’s tips are as follows:

1. Consuming bone broths
2. Consuming natural probiotics and fermented foods
3. Maintaining hydration (salt and water)
4. Consuming more natural foods (non inflammatory). Foods are different for different people.
5. Avoiding antibiotics
6. Avoiding preservatives in food
7. Avoiding wheat and gluten plus products

If you want to learn more about gut health, I can highly recommend a segment which was recently broadcast on the ABC’s Catalyst. It’s called – “Could our food be making us sick – very sick?”

Essential viewing for any immunocompromised shift worker living on a diet of highly refined and processed foods …

Catalyst – Gut Reaction


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