Celebrating Holidays: The Healthy Way Of Course!

Today was my last shift for a couple of weeks thanks to some well-deserved holidays. That’s right, no driving too or from work in the dark and more importantly – no alarm clock!

As we all know, shift work wreaks havoc on our sleep-routine making us constantly tired and lethargic – in fact you can probably relate to wondering around in a zombie-like state more times than not.

But at the end of the day, nothing can replace sleep.

And whilst there are things which we can do to help reduce the effects of sleep-deprivation (good nutrition, exercise and stress-reduction techniques like yoga and meditation), there are certain things which we cannot change. i.e. a crazy and erratic roster.

So whenever the opportunity arises (whether it be when you’re on holidays or just days off), always allow some restorative time to help your body return to some kind of equilibrium because if you push yourself too hard and for too long, you will burn yourself out – mentally, emotionally and physically.

And on that note – it’s time to celebrate with some Capsicum and Sundried Tomato dip … and a glass of vino of course!


1 garlic clove
100g sundried tomatoes, drained
1/2 red capsicum, deseeded, roughly chopped
120 g unsalted cashews
20g olive oil
20g vinegar
30g Parmesan cheese, cut into cubes


Place all ingredients into a food processor until a rough, but evenly chopped consistency is achieved.

Health benefits
Red capsicums are rich in beta carotene which the body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin and for boosting the immune system (which is important for shift workers who tend to have a lower immunity and resistance to infection), than our non-shift working friends.

The wine? Well let’s not discuss the wine. I am on holidays after all!


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