Are You Too Tired To Cook? Then You Might Be Needing An Overhaul Too!

OK so it’s time for a website overhaul! After spending the afternoon scrolling through 1232 responses to an online survey which I publicized on this very website, I asked you – the sleep-deprived shift worker, “What’s Your Biggest Shift Work Struggle?”

And I have to admit I was fascinated by the results.

Why? Because a staggering 82% of the responses included words like “tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, having no energy, overeating, junk food, bad diet, weight gain” and wait for it – “too tired to cook” as their biggest shift work struggle.

In fact you may have actually been one of these people. (If so – thanks so much for your feedback!)

So as a nutritionist-in-training and shift work veteran, I’ve decided to spice things up a little (pardon the pun) and revamp this website to include more tips and tricks for those who are just too tired to cook because let’s face it – if you have to work night shifts, early shifts or anything outside the normal “9 to 5” routine then feeling too tired to cook is actually fairly normal.

So stay tuned for a slightly different – nourishing, energizing and culinary-style Healthy Shift Workers website coming to your computer screen very soon …

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