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Are We Over-Complicating Our Health?

If there’s one thing that’s really hit home over the last 12-months it’s this.

Taken from an excerpt from the book ’Blue Zones – 9 Lessons for Living Longer, From The People Who Have Lived The Longest’ by Dan Buettner.

Without a shadow of a doubt, our lifestyles are the chief determinant in how long we live.

The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly accumulation of behaviours including what we eat, watch, read, whom we hang out with all the way to how much we move … all play an instrumental role in how healthy we are right now.

These things are pretty much common sense – yet astonishingly, have been completely missing from all public health care policies worldwide at a time when its been needed the most.

But let’s face it. There have been a truckload of inconsistencies over the last 11-months.

It’s why my philosophy for The Healthy Shift Worker moving forward is going to be all about “common sense medicine”.

In the 10+ years I’ve been in the nutritional healthcare space, I’ve seen many diets come and go, many of which have been backed by various types of research – but to what avail.

As a global population, we are the sickest, most unhealthiest we’ve ever been.

Which is why I think it’s high time we take a step back and look at the Bigger Picture when it comes to seeking solutions for our health.

Every time we take on a myopic approach, like zooming in on a particular test (which I’m not discounting by the way as there is a time and place for when that is required) – this tunnel vision approach can cause us to miss things that are staring at us right in the face.

We also need to ask ourselves each time we’re forking out cash on testing – are we actually transforming our health … or are we just quantifying it?

I think we’ve reached a critical point in history, where we need to acknowledge that we’re overcomplicating our health.

That we’re over researching, over testing and forgetting about the basics.

Basic fundamental principles on what makes us healthy as human beings.

For example – do you need help with weight loss?

How about simply reducing your portion sizes or altering the timing and frequency of your food intake whilst working 24/7?

Having worked with many clients over the years, these 3 things alone can be all that’s needed to set someone on the right path towards a life of sustainable weight loss.

Yes, this does include eating that slice of chocolate cake every now and then without going into meltdown thinking you’ve just wrecked another diet!

So 2021 is going to be all about embracing the little things – both personally and professionally. The common sense stuff that so many of us overlook or are quick to dismiss, because they undeniably play a gigantic role in our overall health and well-being, and in most cases, cost very little to implement.

Audra x


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