Almond Chia Pudding With Submerged Berries: A Perfect Breakfast To Take Into Work!

Looking for breakfast ideas to take to work? Try this Almond Chia Pudding with Submerged Berries. This tasty, healthy pudding can be made the night before which is ideal for those gruelling early or night shifts!

Chia is an edible seed grown in Mexico from a desert plant called salvia hispanica. Its tiny black and white seeds are known to help boost energy levels – another big tick for an energy depleted shift worker.

The gelling action of the chia seeds also help to fill you up so that you don’t feel the need to snack in between meals.


½ cup chia seeds
400 ml almond milk
½ cup frozen berries
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
(Serves 2)


Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. Divide between 2 air-tight containers and place in the refrigerator to chill.

Nutritional Benefits

* Energy booster
* Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and carbohydrates
* High in antioxidants and minerals
* Gluten-free
* Excellent source of fibre which helps to reduce constipation – a common complaint amongst shift workers all around the world.

So give this pudding a try – it certainly beats the boring old, sugar-laden cereals found on the supermarket shelves in a card board box!

Note: Recipe adapted from Sarah Wilson’s book – “I Quit Sugar”.


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