A Nutritious (Grain-Free) Breakfast In Under 3 Minutes!

As a shift worker prone to fatigue, tiredness and lethargy – I’m all about seeking out recipes that are fast, easy and nutritious to prepare and eat!

So drum roll please …

Introducing the CADA (fresh muesli) breakfast! This nutritious, grain-free shift working breakfast can be made in under 3 minutes.

The CADA stands for:

C – Coconut
A – Almond
D – Dates
A – Apple

I stumbled across this recipe for the first time in my Thermomix cook book (my “secret weapon” kitchen appliance) – and could not believe how fast it was to make. Perfect for shift workers who not only have limited time on their hands, but are often too tired to cook and make the effort to prepare nutritious meals.


40g fresh coconut, flesh only or desiccated coconut
40g almonds
40g pitted dates
1 apple, quartered


Place all ingredients into a high powered food processor (ideally a Thermomix if you have one) and press for a few seconds until ingredients are finely chopped.

I like to top mine with fresh yoghurt and blue-berries for extra punch.

You can also substitute the almonds with any type of nut, and the dates for any type of dried fruit to add a bit of diversity to your breakfast.

Health Benefits

This grain-free muesli is gluten free (gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats) so it’s perfect for anyone who is sensitive to grains – especially those who suffer from Coeliac Disease.

For more information on coeliac disease visit Coeliac Australia.


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