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5 Things You Absolutely Must Avoid If You Want To Get A Good Night's Sleep!

Sleep deprivation is no doubt one of the hardest things about being a shift worker. Trying to catch up on lack of sleep can certainly be a very difficult thing to do. In fact let’s not kid ourselves here, it can be darn right impossible on some days!

And this is definitely the case if you work long hours, work a lot of early shifts in a row, or heaven for bid – work the notorious night shift.

So for today’s tip, I’ve decided to include 5 things that you absolutely must avoid 3 hours before bedtime if you are serious about wanting to get a good night’s sleep – no matter what time of the day or night that may be for you!

1. Eating
– people are 7 times more likely to experience heartburn if they go to bed within 3 hours of eating, and you really don’t want to be going to bed on a full stomach.

2. Sugar and Caffeine – both keep you awake so avoiding these is a must.

3. Alcohol – Can actually help put you to sleep however it does disturb your sleep pattern. So the sleep that you do end up getting, won’t be the restorative, refreshing sleep that shift workers desperately need.

4. Drinking any liquid – can wake you up from your sleep. You want to avoid having to get up to go to the bathroom whilst you’re trying to sleep.

5. Strenuous exercise – Your body temperature needs to be low in order for you to be able to sleep. And it can certainly take quite a few hours for your body temperature to drop if you’ve had a hard workout at the gym.

So the next time you’re struggling to get to sleep, take a look and see if you’re guilty of doing any of the things above. If so, then now might be time to start changing some of your habits for the sake of your sleep and definitely your health!


  1. janine

    Oh, my…I so need to do better at putting these into practice…I’ve had such a time sleeping lately!! Thanks for the good reminders!!! Love you, Janine XO

    • Audra

      Janine – are you guilty of too much alcohol or too much exercise??!!


  2. janine

    Probably too much caffeine…and am on medication to prevent my cancer from returning…and that med disturbs my sleep…2 1/2 years of poor sleep…and I’ve got 2 1/2 years to go…sigh…But, I need to look on the bright side…At least, I hope, it is keeping cancer at bay…

    How are you? Just stopping by because I hadn’t seen any new postings appear …and wondered if something was wrong with my Blogger…Hope you are well…and happy…and just busy! Love, Janine XO

    • Audra

      Hi Janine,

      Well if it keeps your cancer at bay, then your sleep deprivation will be worth it – so worth it.

      I’m really well – thanks for asking. I have taken a leaf out of your book and decided to post once a week, that way I can spend more time finishing my Ebook and get it out there on the web!

      Have a lovely weekend … it’s always nice hearing from you. Regards, Audra


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