Is Your Caffeine Intake Leaving You Malnourished?

Do you rely on caffeine to get you through your shift … whether that’s in the form of a coffee, soda or energy drink? 

Perhaps you rely on two, three, or maybe even more for an energy hit to keep you going?

Whilst I’m partial to a 1/2 strength latte or mocha myself, did you know that habitual caffeine intake can contribute to malnutrition? 

It does so by depleting key vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Iron – a single cup of coffee can reduce iron absorption from a meal by as much as 75%!
  • Calcium and Magnesium – half a cup of caffeine (50mg) depletes the body of calcium and magnesium. Larger doses deplete even more.
  • Potassium – 300mg of caffeine increases potassium loss by one third.

HSW 82 – Shift Work Disorder with Dr Jade Murray

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Shift Work Disorder, a condition that can affect those working 24/7 with sleep and circadian rhythm researcher Dr Jade Murray from Monash University in Melbourne.

I absolutely loved this chat with Dr Murray where we discuss:

  • What exactly is shift work disorder?
  • Why do people need to be concerned if they have it?
  • Are certain individuals more prone to the condition, based on their chronotype?
  • Details of a study that Dr Murray is currently conducting on nurses and midwives investigating individual vulnerability to night shift, and how we can better identify individuals who are at risk of Shift Work Disorder (SWD).
  •  3 tips to implement that may assist those suffering from SWD.

Links mentioned on the podcast:

For any nurses and midwives living in Victoria, Australia, that would like to participate in the night shift research study email Dr Murray at

Or search for the link to the study on the Monash University Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory Facebook Page

For shift workers interested in volunteering for other studies through Monash University – Click Here