Are You Addicted To TV?

The urge to collapse in front of the TV after work can become second nature and part of your daily routine if you’re not careful. Now this is particularly common amongst shift workers who are home by lunchtime – just in time to watch the trashy Soaps!
Unfortunately, TV can eat up your free time, and if you’re not careful about what you’re watching, you may end up watching anything and everything and there goes 2 hours of your day!

So start to break up your routine and limit your television time.
Try to think of activities that may bring you more enjoyment – like spending more time with your family (and that includes your “furry friends”).
Here are some suggestions to help inspire and motivate you:
* Do something creative – paint, draw, play music, woodwork or any type of crafts.
* Take a hot bath
* Meditate
* Play a board game with the kids.
* Take the dog for a walk.
* Go for a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood.
* Read a book or better still ….
Give yourself permission to do nothing!
So don’t become addicted to the TV – switch it off and start to enjoy and appreciate the more simpler things in life …