Lacking Energy and Motivation? How To Recharge Your Shift Work Batteries!

Are you struggling to find some energy and lack motivation to do absolutely anything? Are you feeling like your batteries are in need of a bit of a recharge?

Well if you’re reading this article right now, then I’m going to assume your answer is ‘yes’.

Because it’s certainly hard to feel energized and motivated when you work shift work.

And let’s face it. Working shift work definitely involves working peculiar hours.

Not to mention that our lives today have become extremely busy. We often don’t take the time to stop and rest which is paramount for good health and well-being.

So just like everyone else, shift workers need to allocate time to relax because if you don’t, then your mood, energy levels, and your ability to think diminshes severely.

In fact adrenal fatigue is becoming a common illness among shift workers around the world because we just push our bodies to keep going and going.

So how can you recharge you shift work batteries?

By setting aside some time when you are in complete and absolute solitude. That is – totally alone and uninterrupted from anyone and anything.

Sound impossible? Well how bad to you want to feel well? How bad do you want to regain some of that lost energy and get your mojo back?

If you’re thinking just a little bit then you need to think again.

Because you need to make your health your Number One Priority. Actually I’m going to rephrase that and say that you must make it your Number One Priority.

The sad reality today is that most of us are happy to spend money buying the latest gadgets or purchase new clothes, regularly service our cars or renovate and beautify our houses – yet are reluctant to spend money (or allocate time) on improving our health.

Taking some ‘time out’ to improve your health can be as simple as turning off the lights in your bedroom and closing the blinds so that you are in complete darkness – and it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Even if it’s just for 10 minutes because eliminating noise and distractions will go along way in helping you to clear your mind and regain some of that long lost energy.

So go ahead and give it ago. Everyone can find 10 minutes in their day to treat their body to a bit of solitude. You just have to be willing to put your health first – which is exactly how it should be.