Fruits & Vegetables – Why They Are A Shift Worker’s Best Friend.

We should eat more fruits and vegetables! We’ve heard it all before, but why are they specifically good for shift workers, or why are they a shift worker’s best friend?

Well before I get into the nuts and bolts of it I think it’s important to understand that a staggering 96 percent of Australian adults are not consuming the recommended 5 servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day.

Given we live in a country that has an abundance supply of fresh produce, it’s a pretty woeful and somewhat embarrassing statistic.

In fact, depending on which part of the world you live, those statistics may be similar to where you reside too.

So why are they so important – especially if you work 24/7?

There are many reasons, but these are my Top 2 recommendations as to why you need to be incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet if you work irregular hours:


The Healthiest Snacks of Them All!

I’ve just got back from doing my grocery shopping and I’ve got to tell you – I’m very excited!
Hmmm… you’re probably thinking I’m a bit weird.

Well maybe a little, but it’s because my fridge is now bursting with vibrant colour from all of my fresh produce.

Nature has provided us with the healthiest and tastiest snacks of them all – as you can see right here from my overflowing fruit bowl.

Inside that bowl I have plums, peaches, bananas (kinda obvious that one), pears, apples, lemons (great to add to ice cold water for some extra zing), apricots, and my all-time favourite summer time fruit – mangoes!

And don’t forget you can add any of these fruits to create a delicous smoothie (… well maybe not the lemon), as it is a great way to fill you up and keep you going until dinner time.

So forget about reaching for chips, chocolate or biscuits when you’re in need of a snack – they will only zap your energy and leave you feeling like a deflated balloon!

Eat what natured intended us to eat and you’ll be fighting off fatigue and sickness in next to no time.