Night Shift and Hormone Disruption:

What exactly happens to our hormones when we work 24/7?

I think we can all agree that night shift is pretty tough, actually let’s not sugar coat it, it’s incredibly tough.

Considering human beings, or more specifically shift workers, are the only creatures on the planet to completely disobey their biological clocks, it’s no wonder we struggle to function at 2am in the morning.

In fact, night shift feels a bit like driving around on a flat battery.

And no matter how many times we try to recharge this depleted battery, we still wake up feeling like we’ve just gone through the spin cycle of the washing machine – set on high!

We also tend to LOOK like we’ve just been through the spin cycle when we take that first glance in the mirror post night shift too {insert sad face here}.

But why is this so?  What exactly is happening when we stay up through the night?

Well one thing is for certain (which has been proven in countless clinical trials), is that it causes havoc on our hormones.


HSW 23: Adrenal Fatigue and Insufficiency with Naturopath Jules Galloway.


Healthy Shift Worker Episode 23:

Thanks to our crazy, sleep-deprived lifestyle the adrenal glands of shift workers, which are responsible for pumping out our stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol, are notorious for becoming burnt out.

This is because we’re quite literally “biologically stressed” from having to work 24/7.

Get ready for a super entertaining and informative podcast as Naturopath Jules Galloway, (AKA the “Queen of the Adrenals”) explains exactly what is adrenal fatigue, how we can test for it, along with some great lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are going to help to reduce some of the debilitating effects.

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