HSW 108 – Health Benefits of Yoga For Shift Workers with Dr Chloe Hannigan

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This interview was recorded for members of The Healthy Shift Worker Club, but is too good not to share far and wide!

Chloé is a small animal vet and surgeon based in the UK where she graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2012.

She is also the founder of The VetYogi Collective – an online membership site for veterinarian professionals.

In this interview with Chloé, we discuss:

– What inspired her to take up yoga and then teach it to her fellow health practitioners.
– The different styles and disciplines of yoga.
– How it supports the nervous system to help with stress, and enhance sleep quality – hello shift workers!
– The importance of having a wind-down routine post shift.
– Poses and meditation practices to help facilitate sleep.

Chloé website – https://www.vetyogi.com/

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