WHEN – 29th November 2019, 7:30-9pm

As shift workers some of our biggest struggles are things like poor sleep, difficulty maintaining a healthy diet, relentless fatigue, weight gain, irritability, knowing what to eat and when, lack of energy and motivation, relationship strain – to name a few!

Join Audra Starkey, author of the newly released book ‘Too Tired To Cook – The Shift Worker’s Guide To Working (and Surviving) In A 24/7 World‘ for a fun and informative evening learning how to manage some of these incredibly tough challenges.

Feedback from previous attendees …

“I’ve been struggling with my weight and eating for years. This session has given me hope. Thank you.”
“Loved every bit of it!”
“Excellent presentation. Engaging and informative. Gave context to how our bodies react to shift work.”
“Thank you very much for your insight into our body clock. So good!”
“Very informative and knowledgeable. Lots of good tips.”
“Great to see information targeted directly to shift workers.”
“Wonderful – really worthwhile.”
“The information around insulin and understanding meal times when to eat was really helpful.”
“Everyone needs to see this presentation.”
“It was totally different to what I thought, and found it very interesting.”
“Amazing. Wish more of my team would attend.”

To purchase tickets visit the event link below:

Date: November 29, 2019
Time: 1930-2100
Event: Better Sleep & Nutrition for Shift Workers - Brisbane
Topic: Better Sleep & Nutrition for Shift Workers - Brisbane
Public: Public

HSW 79 – Workplace Wellness with Audra

I’m going completely solo this week as it’s been a pretty busy few weeks at HSW HQ – with lots of travelling and speaking engagements.  As a result, I thought I’d share a little about my Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Seminars, including why I run them, and how they’re becoming increasingly popular within shift working organisations around Australia.

For more information on these seminars, or to book an event, contact audra@healthyshiftworker.com

Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Events:

Does your workplace have them?

“I’ve worked in the hospital setting for over 15 years, yet received ZERO education on how to stay healthy whilst working 24/7!”​

Can you relate to this too?

I hear this time and time again from so many of my clients. It’s why I receive so much gratitude and positive feedback from my Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Workshops.

Because staff are SCREAMING OUT FOR IT.

They’re desperate for some help and guidance on how to stay healthy whilst working irregular hours.

We know it’s hard. It’s really hard.

It’s why shift work education and support is absolutely CRUCIAL to the success of any shift working organisation because unhealthy staff costs companies MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in lost revenue each year.

However, when staff are given the RESOURCES to help them with their health, not only does it provide them with the tools to help them to manage their health, but it shows that the company cares.

And that CREATES A SENSE OF LOYALTY that no amount of “one off bonuses” can ever buy.

~ Audra

For more information on Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Events, email audra@healthyshiftworker.com

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